Synchronized Skating involves teams of skaters skating various elements and movements such as lines, blocks, wheels, intersections, circles, moves in isolation, lifts, spins, jumps and field moves.  These elements may include step sequences and features. They are linked together harmoniously by a variety of transitions. 

Depending on the division - Aussie Skate teams consist of 4 to 12 skaters and State, National and International level teams consist of 9 to 16 skates with up to 4 Reserves. Males and females skate on the same team. 

Synchronized Skating has been a competitive event in Australia since 1984 and at every National Championship our club teams have won medals for our club and our home state of Queensland.

Theatre on Ice is a combination of all the elements of skating, including dance, freestyle and synchronized, with a heavy emphasis, of course, on theatre and presentation.  Teams create stories and develop themes on the ice often enhanced by their use of interactive scenery.

Although Theatre on Ice naturally highlights expression, creativity and art, skating skills are equally important.  The artistic side goes along with good skating melding the two together.  Teams consist of 8 to 30 skaters.  The choreography often needs to incorporate both advanced skaters and beginners, making for an interesting mix of moves and presentation. 

We are very proud to be the club who first brought this new discipline to Australian skaters and audiences in 2003.

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