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Novice Theatre on Ice Team

Ice Stars Novice 2010
Photo © Cheryl Smith 2010                                           Ice Stars Novice Lion King 2010

Junior Theatre on Ice Team

Ice Stars Junior 2010
Photo © Cheryl Smith 2010                                               Ice Stars Junior Thriller 2010

We are very proud that our club brought Theatre on Ice to Australian skaters and audiences for the first time in 2003.

Ice Stars gives our skaters another opportunity to participate in the sport. It is especially good for those skaters who want to express their artistic side. The choreography to incorporate both our advanced and beginner skaters makes for an interesting mix of moves and presentation.

Ice Stars perform a combination of all the elements of skating, including dance, freestyle and synchronized, with a heavy emphasis, of course, on theatre and presentation highlighting their expression, creativity and artistry. They create stories and develop themes on the ice enhanced by their use of interactive scenery. Their skating skills are equally important. The artistic side goes along with good skating melding the two together.

How to Join Ice Stars -

Our club’s goal - is to offer the benefits of Theatre on Ice and Synchronized Skating to as many skaters as possible. These benefits include - fun, friendships, team spirit, challenge, fitness, new skills, performance opportunities, local, national and international competition opportunities.

Goals for Ice Stars this year include –

  • To develop team members' Artistic expression skills.
  • To develop team members' Skating skills.
  • To prepare the team for Competitions, Exhibitions and Displays including -
  • Compete in the WinterSun Theatre on Ice Competition.
  • Perform in our Club's Annual Exhibition Skate.

Requirements to join -

Novice Age: Under 15 years of age as at the 1st July.

Novice Test Level: AS Intermediate 2 or higher, or by selection (younger skaters from AS Basic 2 test are able to join for our Annual Exhibition Skate.

Junior Age: No age restrictions.

Junior Test Level: Preliminary or higher, or by selection.

For further information: regarding joining Ice Stars - Contact Tricia on 0412 739 620 or complete the Come & Try Registration form.

For your further enjoyment we invite you to tour Through the Years of Ice Stars.